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About azkalam.com

This blog is aimed to collect the most popular Hamds , Naats , Manqabts and Arifana Kalam of great poets of all times such as IQBAL , Ghalib ,AlaHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza , Bedam Warsi , Molana Roomi , Molana Jaami ,Hazrat Bou Ali Qalandar ,Hazrat Sultan Baho ,Bulleh Shah, Amir Khusrao Alaihir raHmah….

We request our readers to please notify us immediately in case any mistakes or copyrights violations are observed on this site.

Contact: info@azkalam.com

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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Azkalam bohat achchi site hai lek in is main jo Persian kalam hain in main kisi ki Urdu translation hai or kisi ki nahe agar har kalam ka Urdu translate ho to lutf dobala ha jaye. ga
    god bless you

  2. Azkalam is a very good website. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us. It would be better if could also kindly translate the remaining sufi poets into Urdu. Thanks and Jazakallah for all your efforts and hardworking.

  3. Assalamoaliekum hazoor kalam parh kar bohat maza aya or bohat bohat khoob maashaallaha hazoor arz Ye hea k fanah sahib k kalam b post kareen ap sy ye he ghuzarish hea

  4. Mashallah this website is very nice. Informative for youth. There should be continuous evolution in this site. Make it batter and batter to convey the message of our forbears to out youth. JazakAllah.

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